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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Exploring a New Technology for Delivery Drivers

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I've never worked as a pizzeria delivery driver, but I imagine it can be pretty stressful trying to get all of your pizzas delivered on time without spending the night worrying about speeding tickets, nonexistent tips, or worst of all, a potential robbery. 

That's why it's exciting whenever something new is introduced that's designed specifically to help drivers out in the field.

Last week I was talking with a representative from Square when he told me about an update to a technology called Open Tickets that has recently been made available to pizza delivery drivers. He put me in touch with Chuck Myers, co-owner of Scooter's Cafe & Pizzeria in Saugatuck, Michigan, who's been using the technology for the last few months.

Chuck ran me through how it works and the benefits to Scooter's and its drivers.

The Pizza Insider: Is there a reason you chose Square for your credit card processing?  

Chuck Myers: I've been using Square since I opened my restaurant four years ago because of its lower percentage rates and convenience. It also allowed me to process credit cards with my iPhone. So by going out into the field with my iPhone and swiping the card at the door, I could get a lower percentage rate.

The Pizza Insider: How does swiping a card at the door affect your percentage rate?

Chuck Myers: Most credit card processors will tell you about their fantastic rates, but those rates are only for swiped transactions. In a pizzeria, where you're doing delivery, most of your transactions are not going to be swiped transactions, they'll be transactions where you punch in the number over the phone, so you end up paying much higher rates. 
By using Square, I could go out with my iPhone and the paper ticket we created in the store and then I'd punch the order in on Square in my car and then run the card at the door and it was a swiped transaction. So I paid the lower rate for the transaction. What I really wanted was to be able to create the ticket in store and have my delivery driver go out and open the ticket up on their phone, which is the Open Tickets improvement Square made this fall.

The Pizza Insider: How does Open Tickets work?

Chuck Myers: Open Tickets lets you avoid a paper copy to begin with. Instead of having to go out and generate a paper ticket, you can put the order into Square and then hold it and pay for it later. When Square initially created Open Tickets, you could only use it on the iPad within the restaurant, but they finally expanded it this fall to be used on the iOS and Android devices out in the field. So now my kids, when they answer the phone, can put the order in on the iPad, and then my delivery driver can pull the order up out in the field and cash it out. It's the best of both worlds and is a great security measure, since you capture the customer's signature on the ticket.

The Pizza Insider: Have driver's seen an increase in tips?

Chuck Myers: Open Tickets allows the customer to leave a tip at the door. Traditionally, a receipt is printed and a customer can decide if they want to add a tip to the credit card at the door and then it has to go back to the restaurant and at the end of the night a restaurant would need to go through and punch all of those tips back in and then balance and rerun all of the credits. Alternatively, with Square, you swipe the card and it immediately comes up with a screen that asks if you'd like to add a tip and there are preset buttons of percentages. The customer doesn't even have to think; they just press the button. The tip is immediately added to the charge, the customer immediately sees what the charge is, and I can immediately email or text a copy of the receipt to the customer with the tip added to it. The customers love it and I think the tips have gone up since we added it. I love it because I don't have to punch anything in at the end of the day!

Have you tried this technology or something similar? Let me know in the comments below!

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