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My book, Pizza: A Slice of American History, is now available! This first-of-its-kind pizza book combines delicious food photography with pizza’s storied history; familiar—and not so familiar—pizza styles from around the U.S.; recipes; interviews with popular pizza industry experts; fun quizzes; interesting pizza facts and more.

Some of what you’ll find inside:
  • The history behind some of the most popular styles of pizza, such as Deep Dish; Tomato Pie; New York-Style; California-Style; and Neapolitan (recipes included).
  • Interviews with some of the industry’s most respected experts, including Adam Kuban, Peter Reinhart, Steve Green, Roberto Caporuscio, Penny Pollack and more.
  • Fun facts and quizzes that will turn you into an armchair pizza expert.
Pizza: A Slice of American History can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, QBookshop or most any other favorite book store. Contact me at if you're unable to find it.

Interested in bulk sales of the book at your pizzeria? Email me at

Want to host a pizza party book signing? I'm happy to come visit. Email me at for details.

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